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Rooftop Cafes

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

On days where you totally wanna woo yourself and your partner with an amazing candle-light dinner in open air over-looking the city, what you want to go for is a rooftop cafe. Cities now-a-days have shown a remarkable increase in the number of cafes which can totally sweep you off your feet by serving you your favorite food in the perfect ambiance.

Here we bring you some great ideas in case you wanna be the next in line getting into this business.

1) Go for a theme based interiors

Cafes which are theme based are a complete hit. With theme based interiors, these cafes promise to serve a great dose of drama along with some delicious food. Such cafes have mushroomed all over the nation's capital and are a complete social media hit as well.

2) Try to add in a social media upload worthy element

In-case you are unable to go for a theme based cafe, another way to increase the footfall is via ensuring that there are a few elements in the interiors which can ensure some really amazing uploads on the social media.

This could be done by either having a really impressive wall graffiti done or adding some other

unique elements to the cafe

3) View

The spaces where its easy to seize the view must be noted and the sitting arrangement must be planned such that the view can be maximized

4) Sitting

You could go around being as creative as you wish with the style of sittings that you want to use in your cafe. The tables should not only provide a sense of privacy to the customer but must also give them a sense of inclusiveness within the cafe and its charm.

Try to divide the spaces. This can be done by keeping the non drinking and the drinking tables separate or by keeping the party area separate from the area where you serve the general crowd. This would ensure a certain level of privacy to each crowd.

5) Lighting

Accent lighting plays a major role at such cafes. The lighting must be sufficient as well as comfortable. String of bulbs along with fairy lights could be one option. However, in case you wish to light the tables exclusively, separate table lamps could be used for each table. You could go for any option that suits you the best.

6) Know your crowd

A major part of running a successful rooftop cafe includes knowing the type crowd you have as visitors. In case you have majority of visitors who tend to be office going people who just halt for a quick drink after office,i then you must plan the sitting arrangement accordingly. However in case you have visitors kicking in for a brunch, you need to plan the shaded areas and the sittings accordingly. So, always be ready for a quick change in case the arrangements need to be modified for a special occasion or a party.

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