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Kitchen Island Ideas!

Kitchen islands are a nice way to add that wow factor to any kitchen. Kitchen islands are small separate counters, often used as veggie counters or to add a breakfast counter. It can maximize storage space, house few stools, or just be your space to keep your recent shopping spree!

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1. Storage!

Just look at all that storage space! While adding a much needed contrast with the darker floor, the white island adds much needed transition space between dining table and the kitchen.

Credits : Architectural Digest

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2. Breakfast counter!

Rushed in morning to wait for table to get ready? You can directly get your food straight off the cooking counter, in your plate!Those morning aloo paranthas or pancakes will be as hot as they could ever be!

3. Veggie Sink

Or why not just use it for you quick grocery to sink to storage! You can have a small sink in the island for those small quick cleaning needed during cooking. Not only it adds function but a modern and fresh look from all those sinks along the wall and looks stunning!

Image credit: David Giles

4. Open shelves!

How often does it happen that you are slowly enjoying a meal and want to grab a quick read. Those morning coffees and after dinner teas are often much accompanied by a book, or whatever you might want to store there! While the open shelves are on opposite side of the kitchen, you can peacefully store your CDs, books or small bowls! Who knows what!

5. Step it up a notch!

Why not do everything so far we have listed! Stepping creates multiple platform to create multitude of things to do. Have breakfast, or keep your veggies, have a glass of water from the tap, or just store some stuff you wanna hide! Literally Kitchen's height is the limit! (But please don't go that high!)

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