Here's how to revamp your living room

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

If you are bored of your old living room and Wanna break the monotony without cutting a big hole in your pocket, here’s all you need to do.

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1. RESEARCH AND PLAN The first step towards the renovation is to plan what you need back there as a furniture and what you wanna add to it. You could go through various blogs and magazines and find out what suites you the best and then decide what is necessary for your living room. Also, you could fix a budget and then plan your things accordingly.

2. DECIDE ACCORDING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE The planning and the styling has to be done keeping in mind the users of a particular space. in case, majority of the times, the living room has to be used by a senior citizen, it has to be designed according to their needs and comfort. However, in case the space has to be used only for small gatherings, it could be designed differently. You can also keep in mind what kind of activities could take place in future in that particular space and design it accordingly.

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3. CROWDSOURCING Crowd sourcing is a very important step in the renovation. It is equally important to ask the users of that space about their ideas of using that space than it is to going through a blog or even a magazine. The kind of furniture, the layout of the furniture and even the ambience of the space could be designed according to the whims and fancies of their users. However, furniture could be kept intact and just its layout or its material could be changed to add a new meaning to your living room.

4. CHOOSE A COLOUR PALETTE A color scheme has to be decided to initiate the actual process of renovation and our take on it recommends use of neutral and subtle colors would best favor the space adding an instant sophistication and charm. Painting the space again could refresh it and add a newness to the living room.

After the basic planning and decisions are made, its time to make all crafty and inexpensive!

1. ADD YOUR OWN WORKS TO THE WALLS In case you wish to doodle or paint, you could add your own works to the walls by either having the works framed or doing a DIY wall art. This enhances the feel of the space for both you and will add a sense of attachment towards the space.

2. CHANGE THE LAYOUT Changing the furniture layout could also increase the capacity of the room and add a new character to the walls and other decorative items present in the room. This could bring a drastic change to the room if executed properly.