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WFH : The Home Office Guide

The world is changing faster than we can anticipate, with what was watercooler gossip has become today's Whatsapp group chats and Facebook likes. And with it, we are depending more and more on digital tools to work, live and socialize throughout the day.

who didn't wished if they could not get stuck in traffic met during office rush hours and wanted to just finish the work at home sweet home? But now when it's happening we are facing a big issue today, the proper way of working from home.

While in office we get ergonomic chairs and tables, reasons to stand up and go down to the cafeteria, chance to roam around a bit in the evening, at home, we are glued to our beds and sofas to finish office task and not getting a chance to take a walk. We are now going through much more issues like cramping up of muscles, strain due to wrong posture. and much more because we never planned to work from home. We planned to relax which is not proving to be unfruitful for adequate work-life balance. So let's get started with five points to create a nurturing environment maximizing our WFH performance.

Get right furniture.

No matter how much you love the comfort of your sofa, bed or study chair, you need more than them to be efficient without hurting your back in the long run

Check out these great ergonomic chairs on amazon to keep your posture right.

Ergonomic chairs not only support your backbone, but their adjusting height and swivel helps your sit right, every time. This chair is similar to what we ourselves use in office, and just love this! The head rest is good for take those small five mins power nap! Shhh... don't tell my boss!

Lumbar Support

If you think you don't have space for a dedicated work chair, you can always opt for lumbar support and seat cushion to take maximum benefit out of your current chairs.

Finding right table!

Maybe work from home is not going to last forever and you want something which is low cost but can be used afterwards as well!

We love these two designs a lot, while one is super simple and minimalistic the second one can store few items as well. Our recommendations?

Go for the minimal one if you just need to work on laptop but if you are a writer, or a person who can't live with out munchies, the brown one is a great option. You can shelf up your stationery, hobby tools and munchies without ever worrying about removing them from table every time you have to close them.

The minimalistic one can always be decorated with great vinyl decals which will make it look like an art framed on wall. Or what about pictures of the trip you have been always planning to take! Do remember to use vinyl and no other material as while using the surface while working, you need it to be clean. And nothing does it better than a custom art vinyl from vista print.

Furniture for moving around

I get it, work from home shouldn't be always like working at office, the fun lies in freedom to work from cozy bed, or comfortable long sofa or maybe while sitting on terrace among your plants on a cloudy and breezy evening. You can opt for this simple yet amazing bed table which has a coffee holder too!!! No more hot coffee spills!

Use it anywhere, be it in bed or sofa, it fits everything.

Stay tuned about next one : How to divide work life balance

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