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Barbecue pit on roof!

Winters are here and its high time for those winter barbecues on roof tops with beer in hand and some light music. Here are few ides to do before you get your barbecue aprons on!

You can start with smaller propane cylinder type barbecue station with small roof on it to avoid rains ruining your equipment.

Brick barbecue pits are easy and cheap to build and to maintain as well. They are quite durable and you rarely have to spend any time and money on maintenance.

Here's a video about how to built your own!

These wall mounted barbecue pits are easy on roof maintenance as it doesn't occupy any space on the floor and is opened only when needed!

Having a portable grill is better especially for those who don't have a permanent access to the roof and need to barbecue once in a while. It also is cheaper investment than a permanent barbecue station.

Then comes another great option for those who have even lesser access to open space but love to grill none the less, electric grills produce no smoke but lacks that smokey taste we want in our chikcen or paneer!

Loved our ideas? Feel free bookmark us and keep coming back for more!

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