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Pool ideas

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Having a house with a swimming pool is a complete luxury. You get your private space to enjoy your summers without even having to rush at the beach. Here we have listed some great pool ideas in case you are planning to have one built in your house.

In case you are planning a pool in your backyard, you can always have the ground paved and have an umbrella shade your beach chair. This can promise you an amazing tan and an even better space for reading your favorite book on a lazy summer day.

To give your pool a more vacation-like feel, you can always make it appear like a pool in a resort by creating a small waterfall and adding some exotic plants at the corners ! It will almost give you the Bali feels you are missing !!

You can totally sip your morning tea right next to the pool and all you need to do is create a covered pool patio and have a comfortable sofa set placed under it. Now you can sit back reading your Sunday newspaper and sipping tea from your favorite mug.!

A covered pool deck is also a great place to have a meeting organized in case you also have an office running at your residence. It gives you a great view and you can always enjoy the birds chirping in the background with the sweet fragrance of flowers all around.

You can also organize a barbecue night by the pool in case you plan on throwing a pool party. Also, its sounds to be the perfect place to have friends for drinks and bonfire.

In case you are planning a pool at your beach house in the woods, Infinity pools can serve you the best in both capturing an amazing view as well as some amaze-balls photos for your social media feed.

Pools on terrace is a dream of every individual who loves star-gazing. Imagine how relaxing it could be to have a glass of expensive wine and to sit in a pool in the middle of the night admiring the beauty of the stars and enjoying the quiet of the city. However, don't forget to have your ceiling waterproofed before having this one actually built.

In case you do not wish to have a pool in the outdoors, you could also have an indoor lap pool for your daily workout or for an occasional dip.

Pools are an absolute delight for both health and pleasure. With all the maintenance and added construction costs, they are a luxury not everybody can afford. However, in the longer run, pools prove to be a great option to bet your money on since it adds another value to your and lifestyle.

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