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Origami Decoration Ideas

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Origami is the art of paper folding and producing some amazing masterpieces. Here we have compiled some great ideas where even you could use origami to reinvent your interior decor.

Origami lights are really trendsetting and can turn your room into a dreamland. These lights can be used a mood lights and can really enhance the room.

Origami planters are also a great industrial design innovation and a designer way to keep your plants. You don't have to worry about your pots breaking, its really easy to replace origami pots since you could create these on your own.

Furniture can also be designed using origami and is yes, stability could be achieved by the means of the folds.

Origami staircase are also a great way to re-design a boring typical staircase and this could be done with both wood as well as a sheet that could be pre-fabricated and lacquered for a premium look.

For general home decor, origami is being used from time immemorial. A small curtain could be created via origami as well and as it is could be used for ceiling decorations. You could use these as screen in your bedrooms or as decorations in your living room.

Also, where origami itself is an art, art could be generated out of this art. Painting and elements for wall decorations can also be created with this technique.

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