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Office Spill-over spaces

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Yes friends, we have all seen YouTube's office with the slide between its floor and somehow always wished we could have something similar at our office too. Spill over space hold a great importance in any office keeping in minimum the stress that employees have to deal with. Nobody mind's a break in the middle of a really hectic day and hence, office over spaces are a must.

Here we have a few ideas on how these spaces could be made more interesting

A place to make your own coffee and relish it gives makes you feel the luckiest at times when you are under piles of work and you really need to calm your demons down with caffeine.

Also, when you were up till late last night binge watching your favorite season of game of thrones, a fifteen minute nap the next day at the office can save lives.

Of-course not all of us can afford that slide but monkey bars is totally our thing. Lets be kids all over again, so what if its only for like 5 seconds !

You can create your own kind outdoor space indoors. Just lay down artificial grass, get bamboo chairs and really comfortable cushions. Enjoy your break time.

Creative sittings are a major call at hangout areas. Nobody wants boring office chairs at a place where you wish to chill. Swing around, have fun.

And of course sky is the limit.

In case you have a lot of sport enthusiasts round your office, you can have your own version of a play room and play indoor games when you please.

Office break out spaces is an affordable luxury who's need must be understood by the employer. A small input on the Company's end can increase the productivity of the employees as well reduce stress.

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