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Internal Staircase

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

When we are bored with a typical staircase, a simple google can bring us across some really jaw dropping staircase ideas which makes it clear how staircase is no more an element of circulation but is rather a celebrated design element.

Here we have a list of our personal favorites that can give your home an appeal like never before:

The first one here is a very innovative staircase with a bookshelf under the flight. Such multi-functional staircases act as a creative space-saver for residential apartments.

For making this staircase even more efficient, addition of a desk could also be done by providing the bookshelf overhead, adjacent to the tread. This could be used to make your study rooms a total catch !

The next we have is a typical Corbusier's staircase made up of concrete. Concrete in its brutal form gives a great appearance with colors making your interiors more striking and appealing and when it comes to maintenance, you don't have to do much in this scenario, just refreshing the paint on the walls can do the job for you.

Concrete also helps in achieving a greater sophistication in the interiors with subtle colors.

Ribbon staircases are in trend now-a-days in residential interiors. They are best suitable to showcase modern lightness into the house and is easy to achieve with currently available materials as well as techniques. Such staircases are pre-fabricated in nature where one continuous sheet of 10mm thickness is folded and lacquered essentially to give it a premium look.

Floating staircases are another option being used predominantly as a designer staircase. Their appearance is also very modern and these staircases show how minimalistic designs being sober, simple and aesthetic are defining modern architecture. These staircase can be prepared and assembled on the site itself providing a greater ease.

Creativity in the design of staircase can not be just achieved by exploiting the design. Even traditional staircases can be made to look elegant by just a little modification in their risers or stringers.

Traditional architectural elements are encountering a complete revolution in their style while transcending towards the modern architecture styles. Thus, even an element like a staircase which was earlier only seen as a unit for circulation is being customized and evolved for stylish makeovers.

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