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Innovative Signage

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

After production of a creative design, there are further tiny designer elements that catch immediate attention and escalate the spatial designs to another level. Such elements can be as creative as ever and can totally put a smile on somebody's face as they come across them. Here we have listed a few creative signage that you could use in your design.

In case you are a regular user of Delhi metro, you would have come across such footprints quite often. They guide you to your platform and are extremely helpful to the frequent users.

Creation of such niches highlighting the location for fire extinguishers is also a great idea. Not only does it look very creative but also leaves a direct impact of the viewer's memory thus, making him remember its location in case of an emergency.

Signage giving a direct message to the public are very important. Ash-trays like these are not just waste containers but also delivers a healthy reminder for when the user interacts with them.

We all come across those yellow signage for wet floors at a movie theater or at a hospital. Who knew these could be made as humorous as these.

We have come across plenty of toilet demarcations but we find this one here to be decent, catchy as well creative

Most kids wish to do their jobs for themselves and opening doors always seems to be a task for them. Such door signage makes it easy for kids to understand which handle they should use to open the door and is a very helpful idea

Exit signs too can be don better and here's how

Signage is a very crucial part of our circulation within a space. Encountering creative signage refreshes the mood, catch attention as well can save lives at the time of crisis.

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