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Glass as a material

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Glass is a material who's delicacy, transparency and reflective nature can be very acutely exploited to generate really amazing interior decor and here is a list.

The first one on our list is the most basic use of glass and yes, that is the windows. Stained glass used in the rose windows appears mesmerizing.

The next one is the use of stained glass in the staircase. It helps in achieving beautiful and colorful risers and looks amazing especially with wooden flooring

Glass can also be used in corner decorations in the the form of a spider web, Its not at all geeky rather looks pretty amazing when catches attention.

Where glass is used as table tops often, it can also be combined with granite and used in kitchen counter tops to give the kitchen an exciting look

Tiny details when made up of glass look extremely delicate and pretty. This door knob here is one such example

Exterior lights made of stained glass are also very trendy and can give your driveway a very different aura, specially at the night.

For the purpose of general decor, glass can be used at various place in your home whether it is wall decor, lights or candle cases.

With this transparent, shining envelope, glass tends to be one of the most suitable material that could be used for the purpose of interior decoration.

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