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Terrace Gardens

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Living in a city makes us all a victim of pollution and a lifestyle where we are mostly unable to make times for visiting our nearby parks and gardens. However, within the busy life of the metropolitan cities, having a terrace garden at home can help you bring your private recreational space just on your rooftop.

Terrace gardens are a true blessing and all you need to do is spare some time from your daily busy routine and follow these simple steps.


The first step towards establishing a terrace garden to look up a suitable space on your terrace where you could establish one. Demarcate the location and keep in mind the amount of sunlight that the location receives and the direction of the wind. Also, in case your locality is prone to frequent attacks of monkey menaces, make sure that the location is such where you could establish a barrier to protect your garden

Another factor that you will have to keep in mind is that if a proper drainage system is available in the region where you plan to establish the garden and if there is a proximity to the water source.


After locating the area where you could possibly establish the garden, the next step is deciding the types which you may please to cultivate in that garden. The plants may be both ornamental or vegetable in nature but you will have to decide this according to your climate and weather conditions.

An option could be visiting to a nearby nursery and select the plants under the guidance of a local gardener.


The next step after selecting the plants is choosing the right soil where we could grow the plants. In case you wish to grow these plants in planters and pots, you will have to look for the right size of pots as well since the growth of each plant and its roots is different.

Plants require both hydration and nourishment for their proper growth and development so choosing the right kind of manure is also equally important here. The right amount of manure can give better growth results in a shorter period of time.


Plants need to be maintained properly after their installation in the pots or in the soil. You will require the suitable equipment for this process whether it is the shovel, scissors or the hose. A proper time table needs to be followed for the maintenance and aeration of the soil.

Maintenance also includes installation of the essential barriers from both the sun and the monkeys. In case your plants are growing under the scorching sun, make sure proper green shades are installed and a check for pests must be made regularly.

Having a terrace garden is both an extra responsibility as well as pleasure. After proper maintenance and care, it provides the desirable cool and comfort.

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