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Office color psychology

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

An office is a space where a person spends most part of their days and eventually their lives. The importance that this place holds is such that it leaves a major impact on our minds.

Hence, the design of an office as well as its interiors is a crucial task .

To make this job a little easier for you, we have listed a few color palettes that you could use in your office.

So, starting with the grays, these subtle shades of colors makes your office look really cool and calm and that is the first priority in an office.

Moving a little towards a brighter shade in the similar palette, we have these glistening shades that could also be used. They are not to too bold and also not very disturbing so, even these work really well in an office.

When dealing with dull colors, a little hint of a slightly brighter color improvises the entire look of the interiors. The brighter color dominates and the dull color enhance its dominance. This is the best way to highlight important walls in the office.

Neutral colors are the best choice since they have just the right saturation for your office which is very essential. They work really great with light furniture as well.

Shades of brown is also a great option and promises a very formal look to the space. It also adds a warmth to the space giving one a feeling of inclusiveness.

Black is another classic idea for offices and certainly people believe in using it mostly for office only rather than general residential interiors. Black walls can match with any colors especially white furniture.

Going into further detail we also have also compiled a list of suitable colors for each room in your office.

Each color represents a different quality based on which you can make a sensible choice

For Kitchens, Medical Rooms and Common corridors, the best color choice is White since it makes these spaces look clean and spacious.

Since purple represents royalty and ambition, it is best suitable to be used in the workstations to keep the staff motivate and pumped up throughout the day.

For breakout spaces and informal work areas, Blue is the best suited color and since its a cool color that relaxes the body and stimulates help intellectualize. It help in improving team bonding.

At cafes and training rooms green color to be used and since it is relaxing for the eyes

and helps bringing balance and growth

For meeting rooms, to stimulate positive vibes and happiness, Yellow color predominates

Other than the overall theme of the office, the use of such colors escalate the interiors thus generating a very positive aura.

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