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Nursing home interiors

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Choosing the right nursing home for your loved ones is an overwhelming process and so is the designing of this assisted health care home. Here we bring our readers a checklist about what what all has to be done right to make this experience a helpful one to its users.


Natural lighting is the first thing that has to be checked out of the list while thinking of the planning of such a space. Its an age old fact where we relish sitting under the sun when we feel a little under the weather or in-case we can not get out of the bed, we always appreciate peeping out of a window next to us, letting the natural light enter into our room, soak in a little sun. However, as easy as it is to architecturally accommodate this natural lighting, it is a typical task to provide in suitable interiors with the same.

Natural lighting makes everything look to its truest color whether it is the paint furniture, wallpaper or even flooring. For good color results, one must opt for saturated, non-reflective and flat colors for the interiors. As much as the sun is welcomed, the glare needs to be avoided to give the patients the desirable comfort level.


Wouldn't you expect the maximum comfort when you're trying to recover from an illness ? The furniture requirements of such spaces must be analyzed carefully before having it crafted on your own or purchasing it from a vendor.

The first criteria of judgement must be the age group. According to usage of the furniture by people of different age groups, the layout, color as well as the dimensions of the furniture changes. Where the elderly would prefer a soft, cushioned and comfortable recliner, a child would appreciate a bright, light weight, child safe chair.

Assistive furniture is also very essential in the nursing homes for both the differently abled and the elderly since most of the times they believe on helping themselves.

The second criteria must be the location according to which the furniture has to be used. Similar kind of furniture can not be used at every place in the nursing home. In case furniture has to be decided for a patient's room, a sofa would be appreciated next to the bed instead of a chair so as to cater the comfort to the visitors of the patient who some times even have to crash in for the nights. However, in the waiting area, steel chairs must be adopted keeping in mind the footfall and the ease of maintenance.

The third criteria must be the palette of colors. The color of the fabric that has to be used in the furniture must be matched harmoniously with the walls as well as the flooring. Since, bringing about frequent changes is not feasible at such health care facilities, this must be done in such a way that the colors are cool and comforting instead of disturbing.


Yes, one has to take care of every minor detail while handling interiors of a nursing home. Directly or indirectly, the drapes can transform the dynamics of a particular space. Curtains and blinds vary on the basis of colors, quality, material, costing as well as the prints and patterns.

It is generally advisable to go for simple and delicate patterns in any material whether it is silk or velvet. The choice of fabric depends on the budget of the clients. Velvet drapery could be provided in rooms which are charged more as a luxury and they add in to the warmth and richness of the space.

However, on the one hand where the quality and material of the drapery could be adjusted due to the various factors, the safety and security must never be compromised

Before installation , it should be ensured that the drapery is fire resistant, waterproof as well as the channels are anti-ligature so as to reduce the risk of accidents and self harm.


The flooring for nursing homes need to be decided with greater care as compared to the flooring for any other project. It should not only be well balanced and anti-slid, but also the colors should be such that its supports people with memory loss or low vision in way finding

Area rugs are generally preferred instead of wall to wall carpeting since they do not involve adhesives for their installations. They should be non-toxic and high contrasting colors must be avoided for the visually impaired.


To support each member who is a part of that nursing homes, certain supportive measures must be adopted.

One of them includes these supports for the blind or for those who have poor visibility.

For sanitary support of the elderly as well as differently abled, bars must also be installed in the toilets.

With proper support and treatment we can surely assure well-being to all the people who are a part of the nursing home.

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