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Kindergarten | design guide

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Doesn’t the term kindergarten take you down memory lane? Colorful walls and tiny benches, kindergartens are one of the places which should be sensitively designed keeping in mind the kind of users of that place. Spaces like these need to be designed in such a fashion that they deeply impact the psychology of the kids who spend the most intellectually fertile phase of their lives within that particular space.

Spatial planning of kindergartens is one of the most important aspects that shall be kept in mind while designing one. The spaces should be made flexible, comfortable and easily accessible ditching the typical classrooms which are meant only for the standard learning. Kids learn better when they are placed in a more interactive environment.

The use of suitable colors within a space make these spaces more warmer and welcoming to the kids. This helps the kids not only to develop their sense of colors and vision but also promises them a healthier way of learning.

Children at this age are extremely energetic and open-minded. Spaces must be designed such that their energy is channelized and also, they are able to imbibe the social learning that these spaces can impart. Such designed spaces affect the child’s psychology positively and are an essential part of learning at this age.

The furniture used by the children also needs to be customized accordingly such that they do not face any discomfort whether it is in their usage or even in terms of their interaction with their fellow mates. Within such classrooms group learning shall be promoted and furniture can be designed accordingly.

The spaces should be made barrier free and creative as much as possible since restriction in spaces can also result in restriction of growth. It is very essential to design spaces creatively as well easily accessible so that children face the least inconvenience and can also be managed easily too.


Designing a kindergarten demands you to think like a child which isn't an easy task. Listen to the child within and we wish you well as you get there !

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