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Graffiti in interiors

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Graffiti is dominating the modern street art styles and here we have some great trendsetting ideas that could add a modern, funky and informal feel to your home !

Beginning with the bedrooms, you can completely ditch your traditional classic bedrooms with typical plastered walls panted in off white paint for these amazing looking bedrooms. Funky graffiti over brick texture is an absolute hit giving your bedroom a beautiful rugged background that can make literally any furniture look smashing !

Why to look forward to a restaurant for a fine dining experience when you can have the same every night right at your home ! Replace your standard dining room walls with these modern frenzy style walls and you can completely makeover dining area.

Where on the one hand where you could go for a typical BUBBLE art or FAT CAP spray graffiti, another option could be having a BRUSH graffiti on the wall next to your dining table which can give you a painterly feeling.

ABSTRACT graffiti works really well for bathrooms where the focus is majorly on the visual appearance rather than readability of the design. Emphasis is laid on the dynamic and balanced appearance of the graffiti eventually making it visually appealing to the user.

Study rooms and working areas are generally expected to be areas where you could focus the best. Hence, for such areas where in case if you don't wanna go for wall graffiti, similar art can be brought to the furniture. This keeps the room simple yet adding a touch where the interiors of the study doesn't look totally different from the interiors of the rest of the rooms

CARTOON and BLOCKBUSTER graffiti are the best options you could go for in the drawing room areas since they are the best to add sufficient amount of colors in the backdrop so that light-colored furniture can make a formal appearance in the room.

Graffiti in the interiors is a really creative alternative to the typical walls helping you showcase your love for modern art in your interiors.

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