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Creative Sitting Ideas

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

All of us have that one cozy little corner at our homes where we love to sit down and relax. Read an interesting book and snuggle ourselves to sleep. That one chair or that one sofa you just don't want to leave.

Here we have some wonderful ideas you could use to make that one particular corner in your house more comfortable and relaxing

Since going green is the new in, You could totally lay your hands on a Tyre and customize it to increase the comfort without cutting a huge hole in your pocket.

You can also stitch tiny cotton balls to a cloth and cover the Tyre and also attach legs at the base to give it a certain comfortable height.

Soft Rock Mattresses are also super cozy to put in a corner and crash in at night while reading a book and you can have it stitched according to your own dimensions and spatial demands.

Hammocks are not just meant to stay by the beach, Having them at your home to swing and relax is a true luxury.

Combining the backs of the chair, that are not structurally stable, along with a smooth surface to sit is also a great way to showcase your creativity.

A book shelf along with sitting above is also a great way to manage a negative corner at you house and put to an efficient use

Love seats can also be re-designed to add a modern appeal and also maintaining the comfort.

The grace of a wooden swing shall never bee underestimated. It is an age old treat as well as fantasy of many to have one at their homes and can never be replaced.

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