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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Everyone has that dream office where they have their entire set up placed according to their design choices and needs, at the perfect location but could you imagine an office in just a container? No! well now you can. We have some ground-breaking ideas for your office within just a small container. Look through readers...

Yes friends, they are as light as they appear. Super easy to transport and install and you don’t have to worry about its construction unlike other offices set up at only one specific location. Just choose a site and boom ! you can mange to have them transported to that location... Such offices will prove to be one of the most conventional inventions in the future of architecture where there is always a space crunch,imagine Mumbai being your dream location for an office, why not.These offices are both environment friendly,creative and of-course won't burn a huge hole in your pocket. The design of the office space can depend on the size of the containers available.

And as much as you would wish to achieve to great heights, your office could do that too...The containers can be stacked up in case the office needs to be a bigger or can be arranged in any convenient fashion to make the space look cooler. There are always going to be certain measures that would have to be taken to ensure that the containers remain fixed to their position. Yes absolutely, these offices are durable !


One question that would ring in our mind would be about the interiors of these offices. The colors of these containers can be selected according to your own choice and just in case you wish to have a wooden finish, that can surely be done too. Addition of necessary lights can be done within them and the office space could be made as functional as you want it to be. There is another thing that can be counted as an advantage here which is that you don’t have to worry about your walls being damaged by the screws on their walls with all the whiteboards or pin boards you would wish to have in your office.



Containers can not only be used as single units or can even be used within a bigger office to create different working sections. Some sitting spaces or sofas could be installed outside these office in case the space just needs to be used as a workstation only. These containers can give another creative dimension to office spaces and their dynamics can never be questioned!


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