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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Could you imagine having a shipping container transformed into a house and you having a chance to actually live in it? well for sure this must be the first time most of you would even be hearing about such houses even existing and people using them as a shelter. Here we have listed why people even felt the need.

There are actually 14 million shipping containers in the world which are ‘out-of-service’ and yet in perfect shape to be put to some use. Container housing is a major breakthrough in the ideology of modern housing. The current stature of residential architecture is such that it promotes the use of low cost building materials in construction and using a steel container proves to be one of the most unconventional way to achieve this.

One question that might cross any customer’s mind would be about the size. The containers are available in different sizes and can be used according to the needs of the customer and how grand they wish their house to be.

People always look towards having their work done faster and cheaper and container houses fall perfectly in that category as well. An added advantage of using these containers as houses is that they are prefabricated in nature and could be very easily shipped or transported to the desirable location at a very low cost where cut outs can be made for the windows and doors at a suitable location. Paint can be applied if necessary and the entire process is relatively more economical, easy and less time consuming when compared to typical brick or concrete constructions.

Heights are a thrill to achieve ! Well, most of us mountain lovers would definitely enjoy having our house located at some height. Container houses can do that too ! There usage is not restricted to just one type of terrain and such houses can be made at plain as well rugged terrains. Their position can be set accordingly on contour. Many containers can be wielded together and set up according to the demands and the choice of the customer which means that these containers not only help achieve horizontal land usage but also can be vertically stacked to achieve heights.

The exterior of the containers could be designed according to the user’s choice. That is if the user wishes it to be funky, the color scheme of the exterior content could be selected accordingly and in case the user wants it to be classic and decent, the colors can be chosen differently. It is not only the change of the colors which could be done but also if necessary, some wooden pergolas or shading device or even panels can be installed. With the restriction in the shape, transformation can be made by addition.

Also there is nothing that you have to do differently for its interiors as well. The interiors of the container houses can be kept similar to modern houses with subtle or vibrant colors depending on the usage of that particular space. In case a greater number of floors are established, a staircase needs to be built to access the upper floors. Also different kind of flooring material can be decided as per users choice.

But doesn't all of this sound too good to be true ?

Well, There are a few issues which have to be tackled before actually having such type of houses possible. It has to be known that the container was previously not been used to transport something hazardous that might harm the user’s health. Why would anyone wish to survive the harmful radiations! These containers are made of steel which traps heat and this means that such houses are not suitable for all kinds of temperature zones , after all why give this Delhi heat another chance to dehydrate us !. The walls of the containers are suitable to withstand climatic conditions but the roof isn’t, so special measures have to be taken about the roofing specially if you are planning to add more than one floor to the house. In case of the walls, reinforcement has to be done at the places where cut outs are made for the doors and the windows.

Also, one can achieve the desirable building floors with these containers but somehow the floor height is generally less than the standards and that is another drawback about these containers.

Well, before having these containers converted into your homes, there are a few quick checks that you may like to do involving the following:

1) Check for any kind of leaks and that the container is water tight.

2) Make sure that there are no holes in the wooden flooring other than the general wear and tear of the container.

3) Check if the doors swing properly and the locks are functional or not.

4) Do not buy the container in case you see too much rusting and if you feel that the metal isn't heavy anymore.

5) Check for any kinds of molds in the container.

6) Make sure that the roof of the container does not have any kind of rust.

After taking appropriate structural measures and insulation, the shipping containers can be transformed into some of the most beautiful and environment friendly houses. You can definitely pan to own one!

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