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Chic outdoor cafes

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Have been out all afternoon? Wanna binge over a snack after a long day of shopping? Have plans for the evening? Well, the streets are to the rescue!

Now-a-days, one could just flick a stone in the middle of a market place or a street and it could land up on the doorsteps of an outdoor cafe! From our favorite coffees to our favorite snack, we could all be served with all we crave.


These cafes either serve over rooftops or are open on the streets and sometimes at places where they could exploit the nature to the fullest. Generally, such cafes and eating joints are found either near a market place, gardens, crowded roads and even near monuments to serve its customers along with offering them an exquisite view of the place.


Cafes like these or even eating joints sometimes have a theme-based ambiance and at other times could be very formal or informal. Decorated with fairy-lights to attract the customers, they offer a comfortable and an enjoyable environment for a healthy snack.


The lighting is decided according to the kind of food that is served and also the location of the café. In case the café or the eating joint is at a rooftop, the decoration is done with fairy lights and in case it is serving on the streets, the lights have to be LEDs which aren’t too bright and flashy so that they can attract the costumers and yet be sophisticated at the same time.


Music always sets the mood for the serve. The right kind of music compliments the right kind of food to form a calming and soothing environment for the users as well as for those who serve. Music can also be changed depending upon what time of the day it is. At night it could be jazz and in case these cafes or eating joints serve drinks, it could be rock during the happy hours of the day.


Theme based cafes generally serve a particular style of food and have their ambiance, furniture and decorations set up according to the same. Sometimes these cafes combine with a bookstore or other places where one might wanna be while having a nice cup of coffee and reading. Themes add a different meaning to space and are welcoming.


At restaurants and cafes which are fast serving, the colors must be exciting and inviting to the customers. They could be red, yellow or any bright color which goes with the right ambiance to attract customers. The color scheme does not only just go with the colors of the built up but also with the napkins or the dishes in which the food is served.


The furniture for the outdoor cafes can be either theme based, i.e. complimenting the theme of the café and if not following a particular should be light-weight, easily accessible by all, child-friendly and durable. It should be such that it can moved or customized according to the clientele needs and demands and could be easily replaced in case of damage.

It is not necessary that the chairs have to always match the tables and the arrangement can be done very informally and creatively to enhance the ambiance and feel of the space.

The furniture should be placed such that it encourages social interactions as well as where required can give its user the privacy he or she desires.

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