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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Do you feel sometimes that you could have made your home interiors more modern, classy or rustic?  Well this can be easily done with minimal changes and right ideas. All you need to do is rip off that plaster and strip your walls to the basic.

Exposed brick work and concrete in the interiors gives the raw and rough look your interior craves and the rest you need to do is put in suitable lighting according its usage in the space and you can exploit their texture as per your needs. Stripping off the plaster a little and letting some remain gives another appearance to the room. Imagine having to dine in a lobby with your furniture set against such a background and in case of concrete, well you might not even have to plaster your walls from the beginning!

Nowadays, concrete furniture is also prevalent. It can be used to make breakfast tables near kitchen, or even  the sofas. An advantage of such kind of furniture is that it does not have to be as regularly maintained as the furniture made of wood and can be matched with any kind color or material of the covers.

It doesn’t always have to be the cliched red colored bricks that you need, to make the space more sophisticated, you can use the fly ash bricks too and Isn’t it unconventional having your crockery placed against a similar setting in your kitchen?

You don’t have to worry about your walls ruining because of the oil stains and can place your stoves conveniently wherever you want. Concrete like material which is in generally bulky and heavy in nature too could be used in the kitchen as crockery. Usage of such materials in places which are to be handled regularly and generally need to be light in weight is unconventional. However, concrete can be used in the panels of the kitchens which makes these more durable and also one doesn’t have to worry about the rusting in these as they have to do in the steel compartments with these trays.

Walls can be made to look extremely creative by adding a few patterns to them whether it Is by striping of the plaster at some places and designing or even artificially arranging bricks on them. Concrete walls can too be given patterns which can make them more appealing and elegant.

Concrete, in our opinion, is one of the best materials which can be used to develop light-weight and softer appearing elements within the building which is always very eye appealing since concrete is found to be heavy and bulky in its true form. Ribbon like staircase is one such example. Concrete provides the best stability in such cases along with the lighter appearance.

Bathroom is a part of the interiors which can be considered the best place to apply the rustic look to. Bathrooms having tubs and sinks made of concrete and walls of fly ash brick are some of the ways in which this look can be achieved. This gives its user the best relaxing experience after a long day of work. Concrete's durability is incomparable against a marble sink’s durability. Also, is easy to maintain, clean and make you always look great while clicking a mirror selfie. Use of bricks and concrete in the bathroom also gives an earthly look and the space also remains remain relatively cooler.

Concrete works really well with glass. Skylights made with a combination of glass and concrete is the best combination you would love to add in your house. These skylights can be used over spaces where you want to a warmer micro-climate. This combination of glass and concrete also works great for the walls with small niches. Such elements make the space have a wider, brighter and warmer appearance to a space.

Addition of concrete in the tiny details of the home whether it is the separation trays or in the candle stands and even the lamp shades are also a way of adding minute detailing inside the home. These elements can also be used at places where it is not necessarily that the walls are made of concrete. Their usage in general could light up the atmosphere of any room.

It is in this way that we can revamp our houses in the most unadulterated fashion and with two really easy to handle and earthly materials, creatively!

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