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Balcony Decoration Ideas

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Having a balcony at home is a luxury everyone looks forward to. Small planters, maybe a couch and a carpet, all these ideas can be put together essentially to give your balcony the comfort it desires. Have a look and find out if something catches your eyes.

The first one we present is a Japanese theme based balcony decor where you just need to add some bamboo wall decor and a swing to add a sitting area for maybe sipping tea in the evening.

The next one in our list of favorites is a cliched one but still it looks aesthetic and is in trend.

It involves use of lights which could give your balcony the warmth it craves.

You can add a few lanterns in your balcony right next to your seating in the balcony where you could ignite aroma candles and you can easily have your cozy little corner for early morning meditation.

Vertical gardening is another option you could opt for decorating your balcony. Not only does this add an aesthetic value to the facade of the building but also, it creates a green space in your house in case you do not own a private garden.

In case you have an amazing view right in front of your house, you can add a hammock in your balcony and seize your day with an amazing view and a soak in the winter sun.

You can also add in a few DIY elements in your balcony and these won't even burn a hoe in your pocket.

This one here is our personal favorites and that is having a Murphy bar in the balcony. Imagine having friends over to chat over a drink on a sunny day of a winter weekend and wouldn't it be a great location to catch up on a romantic date in an overcasty weather.

You just need to put in bare minimum efforts and can totally revamp your balcony into a super comfy and peaceful location for star gazing.!!

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