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A guide to Indoor plants

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

With the amount of raising pollution levels in Delhi-NCR region and the shortage of areas to be used as outdoor gardens and buffers, having indoor pants prove to be a true bliss. Here we have for a list of indoor plants that can survive the scorching heat of Delhi and can survive successfully indoors.


Aloe Vera, popularly known as the 'miracle pant' is a succulent most commonly found in the houses today. It is know for the way it caters to both our health and the interiors of our home provided that it has to be kept near the sun for receiving sufficient light for its growth


Anthurium as a pot plant has a purifying effect. This plant has the capability to reduce the harmful air in your room by more that 50% in less than 24 hours. With a short shelving life, this plant requires indirect sunlight and moderate yet regular watering.


This butterfly palm is an ornamental palm capable of providing your interiors a striking appearance. Since the growth of this plant can reach up to seven feet in height, with regular maintenance and potting, this plant can be kept near south and west windows where it can both provide a shade as well as receive the indirect sunlight required for its growth.


Cactus is a thorn and another commonly found potted plant in the interiors. It can grow without requiring much care and demands really less water. It is also capable of surviving the harsh sun and can be kept near the south facing windows so that it can receive sufficient sunlight for it growth.


This plant is known as the 'Song of India' and just like its name, this ornamental plant resonates harmoniously with the interiors with its bright lime, yellow and green leaves. It is a slow growing plant and is generally placed on a side-table. The plant requires indirect sunlight but regular misting to make the leaves look lively and bright.


Ferns, with their vibrant leaves and small canopies, can add a spark to your interiors. They are most commonly adopted potted plants in India and require only moderate levels of sunlight and wet soil for their growth.


This plant is ornamental in its nature and is a hanging plant. It looks beautiful when placed over wooden furniture next to a set of aroma sticks. The plant is low maintenance and can do survive with minimum amount of water and sunlight.


Commonly known as the money plant, this plant is suitable for the residential interiors since it is impossible its growth even in totally dark conditions. This plant can grow well with limited amount of water and sunlight and has a very long life with very low maintenance.


This is a herbaceous plant with an appearance similar to that of mint. It also smells like mint and can be used to make your teas taste better. The plant can be used aromatherapy and requires indirect sunlight with limited water.


As the name suggests, peace lily is a subtle looking plant with white flowers. It not only improves the air quality of the room but also has a striking appearance. It require limited or no sunlight for its growth and can be very easily managed.


These are a classic, no-fail houseplants. Easy to grow with their beautiful green leaves, they can be easily placed in a hanging basket. These plants must not be kept too hydrated since it increases their chances of rotting.

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