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Sun, 25 Aug


Jahaj Mahal

Jahaz mahal and jafar mahar photowalk

Take a tour down the memory lane, ending with last mughal qila.

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Jahaz mahal and jafar mahar photowalk
Jahaz mahal and jafar mahar photowalk

Time & Location

25 Aug 2019, 7:00 am – 10:00 am

Jahaj Mahal, Talaab lane, Aam Bagh, Khandsa Colony, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030, India

About the event

very year after the monsoons, this ravaged monument whose name means “ship palace” hosts music, dance and acting. It becomes the focal point of cultural activities marking Phoolwalon ki Sair, a festival in which floral tributes are paid to two premier Hindu and Muslim shrines in Mehrauli, a south Delhi region filled with monuments of almost every signifiant historical timeline.

Some historians say Jahaz Mahal, built during the Lodhi period (1452-1526), was a mosque. Some think it was the residence of a holy man. Others believe it to be a serai (inn) that took in visiting pilgrims.

Adjacent to Hauz-e-Shamsi, a water tank built by Sultan Iltumish, it could also have been a pleasure palace, a harem, or a summer refuge for the Delhi royalty.

In any case, Jahaz Mahal got its name because its reflection in the rippling waters of the tank looked like a moving ship.

Over the years the lake was reduced to a filthy pond and the mahal lost its reflection. It also lost its southern wall. Most of the blue ceramic tiles on the domed pavilion over the central gateway were lost. Yet there is beauty in this dilapidation. The chhatris show delicate carvings. The mihrab, or recess, on the western wall indicates a mosque. The arched chambers promise serenity.

And the southern wall’s collapse has its bright side: it has opened the courtyard’s view to a lively park.

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we will all meet at chattarpur metro station on yellow line, those reaching by cars can park it at metro station. from metro station its around 15 minutes walk till mahal. we are planning to have breakfast later on at nearby sweet shops.

Advisory :

Wear loose and covering clothing. There are thorny trees along the walk, and you do get stung often.

Carry backpacks instead of messenger bags, it’s just easier.

Carry enough water for a 45 mins walk one way.

Carry some munchies.

Rules :

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