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Rove Studios is a highly creative architectural and interior design firm involved in various design and construction of innovative buildings, interior spaces, and livable communities. Based out of Delhi and branched out to Jaipur, Rove Studios was founded in May, 2014 by Anuj Kumar as an interior design firm  and later on partnered with Nitin Sharma and Atul Kumar. It comprises of a team of talented architectural and interior design professionals who lead our clients through the processes of renovation or new construction. Rove studios believes in development, transformation and innovation while maximizing the efficient usage of available materials to make the client's vision a reality and strategically commencing successful projects one after another.



Every idea needs a team, which is reliable, skilled and creative enough to shape the idea to a reality. The rove team comprises of experienced and young members who are always doing their best, working day and night to achieve the perfect design incorporating the latest techniques and research analysis and always looking to create something out of the box, apart from the ordinary, ahead of the market trends. They work hard to evolve their best work and the cycle continues for them. For them, designing is a never ending process.


Things we love to do!!!

We offer a wide variety of experience in our portfolio. This helps us create Multi-dimensional solutions which serve to strengthen our clients’ bottom line. Our knowledge of the entire design and construction process helps guide our clients through all aspects of a project and thus catering to architecture, interiors, various mediums of art as well as our effort to a greener future through city level initiative of terrace gardens.




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